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Transiv Group

TRANSIV: We are a group of professionals with different specialties. We decided to associate our professional activities so as to offer a better and more competitive service to our clients.

Our present and future clients do not have to pay more in this time of crisis.

Transiv Group ensures professionalism in every service we offer.

Brands pay an important role nowadays, but most often you pay just for their brand name. Transiv offers you the possibility of enjoying the same service or even a better service than the one offered by recognized brand names  -the only difference is that you will pay much less!

Our activities are: transportation, house moving, construction, makeovers, furniture assemblies, and translation. Nevertheless, we are working on increasing our number of activities as we are opened to increase our workforce of professionals from different sectors and backgrounds. This is due to our interest in improving and expanding our services so as to offer better and more competitive services.

Everyday, our teams are dedicated to improving the services offered to our clients.





Since 2007, we have been working completely committed to our clients, offering them quality, punctuality, and a constantly improving service. The activities we develop include house moving, urgent and planned transportation, and every other type of transport within our possibilities. We envision our work focused on the client. Also, we very much value our personnel and their effort and dedication.

House moving

Complete, partial and office relocations with a comprehensive service of packing of essentials, and disassembly-assembly of furniture.

Should you decide to pack yourself, we can provide you with boxes and packing materials. In this case, we can arrange just the transportation for you. Or we can do everything for you, packing including – you will not have to worry at all, our team is composed of highly professional workers who will do their best to meet you requirements.

Do not hesitate to ask for your customized quote, we will get back to you in 48 hrs max.

Assembly of furniture

 We have an experienced professional team specialized in furniture assembly working with us for more than 7 years so far. We are experts in assembling IKEA furniture, assembling kitchen furniture, adjusting your furniture to the measures you need, lamp & painting installation, and many other household objects. Services offered by our company: disassembling and withdrawal of old and/or worn out furniture, repairing & adjusting furniture, adjusting doors and drawers, assembling any kind of furniture, cutting furniture to adapt it to your carpet.

¿Do you get a headache every time you think about arranging your house? Stop the suffering. We can give you a comprehensive solution. Why do not you enjoy your time while we take care of assembling your furniture? Save time, money and a headache counting on our services.

Construction works and makeovers

We have been remodeling our clients’ homes since 2007. We are an expert team, specialized in house improvement, but we also take care of construction works, which are usually more demanding as it is quite common to come across unexpected events. We offer you our quality warranty. The type of works and makeovers we take care of are the following: comprehensive refurbishing, bathroom & kitchen makeovers, replacing bathtubs for showers, electricity, plumbing, tiling, painting, building works, decorations, new construction, porches, locksmith works, automatic doors, and many more.


Our translation department is personally managed by a Sworn Translator and Interpreter. We offer Sworn Translations as well as legal, technical (engineering, geology, architecture, etc.), medical, marketing and publicity translation and localization, and translation of press releases and articles for the media. Every text is translated by native and specialized translators. Also, we can provide you with interpreters for conferences, business meetings or Court depositions whenever and wherever you need. We are fast, reliable, and very competitive price-wise. If you need a translation or interpreting service, do not hesitate to ask for a quote.


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